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Utah's Professional Voice for Career Educators


The Utah Council of Educators is Utah’s non-union, professional association of career educators representing certified and classified employees in all 41 Utah school districts.  UTCE provides educational support services to members and works cooperatively with lawmakers, policymakers, and local school districts to secure greater resources and improve public education for Utah students.

In addition to strong professional support and representation, each member enjoys important liability insurance and legal protection upon joining.  Membership in UTCE is only a fraction of the cost of union dues.  Please take a moment and learn more about the benefits of joining UTCE.  For a quick summary of benefits click on the "fees and benefits" tab above.

Benefits of UTCE Membership Include:

First Year Teachers Enjoy Big Savings!

Welcome to Teaching!  First year teachers enjoy all of the benefits of UTCE membership at a discount throughout their first year of teaching.  New educators can join now for only $12.50 per month.  Take advantage of your first year status and join Utah's professional association of teachers, the Utah Council of Educators.

Teachers now have a choice!  UTCE encourages teachers to make an informed decision with regard to their professional representation.  We hope you take a minute and evaluate your options and learn more about Utah's professional association of educators.

What does it mean to be an educator?

Teachers, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, administrators, aides, maintainance workers, and counselors — UTCE believes that all of these employee groups are instrumental in developing the academic, social, and human potential of students. Leaders of UTCE are working to break down the traditional barriers that exist between employee groups.

Classified employees are invaluable to the educative process and the development of our children.  Their contributions should not be marginalized, but respected and appreciated as a critical component of the overall goal in education. 

UTCE is bringing the concerns of classified professionals to the forefront of important discussions. UTCE represents the interests of our classified members with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as we do with our certified members. UTCE benefits are enjoyed equally by all members. Welcome classified educators!

College Students Get Big Discounts!

At $3/MONTH you enjoy ALL the benefits of UTCE membership.

Welcome to teaching!  University and college students who are interested in joining the Utah Council of Educators can join at deep discounts while they are still in school.  Membership in UTCE is available to aspiring educators who are working towards teacher certification in an accredited program.    

It’s a great idea to have the professional support of UTCE and have strong liability insurance and legal defense while you are student teaching.  Join online in less than 3 minutes.

Utah educators now have a choice for professional representation!  Join Utah's fastest growing professional association of career educators!



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Word of Mouth

The Utah Council of Educators is exactly what Utah education needs. I’ve met with the leaders and have heard them speak about important issues.  Their passion for education is awesome, and now I know that I hav...

6th Grade, 5 years

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